Same Vision, Different Message

Lynx Club
2 min readOct 6, 2022

When we first started Lynx Club, the main thesis was that Creative Collaboration was the key to success…

The key to unlocking one’s personal potential and the potential of what we can build as a collective.

The key word being “Collective.”

For most, the path to success is a lonely road.

When you decide to do something outside of what society deems “normal,” you automatically receive criticism.

From friends, family, and co-workers to the people in the comments section.

For example, you tell your parents you want do music.

They might say, “Oh that’s great.”

But you can tell they really mean something different.

The same goes for starting a business, becoming an actor, artist, content creator, and so on.

People might say “That’s awesome” to your face but they probably don’t believe you’re actually going to be successful.

To most, starting a business, being a musician, actor, or content creator are unrelated.

People think of them as careers that require different skills.

And with no question from a technical standpoint they do but they have more in common than you think.

Let me explain…

A musician’s goal is usually to make music they love and have people listen.

A Content Creator, to make videos they love and share them with the world.

And an Entrepreneur, to create a business and have people buy their product or service.

They ALL want to create something and share their message with the world.

And to share a message to the world, you need Collaboration.

A song is a collaborative effort.

A movie is a collaborative effort.

A business is a collaborative effort.

We hear a song from our favorite musicians and think “that’s their song.”

Most don’t realize there was a songwriter, producer, mixing engineer, mastering engineer, and so on involved for you to hear it.

EVERYTHING is a collaborative effort.

And that’s what we at Lynx Club believe more than anything.

Same Vision, Different Message

Our vision is to create the most powerful creative collaborative not only in Web3 but in the world.

A Creative Collaborative to Connect and Empower those who “Do Kool Sh*t” no matter what industry they are in.

What does “Kool Sh*t” mean?

It means being a trendsetter, disruptor, visionary and thought leader.

Originally we limited this to Artists, Entrepreneurs, and Creators.

But Lynx Club is not a specific industry or person.

It’s a movement.

A movement to find the Lynx Within.

A Lynx is someone who…

Never gives up.

Seeks opportunity.

Takes action.

Is curious.

And has patience.

A Lynx is your best self.

No matter where you are in life, being a Lynx means you are always working towards becoming the next best version of yourself.

It’s a journey that never ends.

There’s a lynx within all of it… it’s just waiting to be found.


With this vision and with your help, we can build something the world has never seen.

Something that inspires an entire generation to shape the world as we know it.

The world is a blank canvas and is just waiting for us to leave our mark.



Lynx Club

On a Mission To Build The Worlds Most Powerful Creative Collaborative Through Connecting and Empowering Those Who “Do Kool Sh*t.”