LynxCon 2022

Lynx Club
2 min readApr 7, 2022
Hynes Convention Center

Although we are shifting to a more online world, we believe in-person events are highly important and is why we have decided to create LynxCon.

LynxCon is an IRL Conference that will bring some of the most exciting brands/minds in the Crypto, Web3, and NFT spaces all in one place.

The conference aims to be Boston’s largest NFT/Web3 event to date. Along with a keynote stage, there will also be a dedicated area for booths so you can walk around and explore the latest tech and innovations in the space.

The event will also have an online version of the conference built in a customized Metaverse using The Nemesis technology.

This will be a place for people who cannot make the event to experience some elements of the conference.

There will be booths set up where you can talk directly to brands/artists, hear certain events, and network with others.

Note — this virtual world is planning to open a week before the actual conference but will not broadcast all the main speakers. LynxCon is set to take place in November at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston Massachusetts. Note — there is also the possibility of a yearly conference depending on feedback from the community.




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