Lynx Club joins forces with the Block Ape Scissor NFT Launchpad

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3 min readAug 5, 2022


In this article, Lynx Club announces its partnership with Block Ape Scissors via their NFT Launchpad. A collaboration that will pave the way for the future of the Web3 space.


Lynx Club Announces its Launchpad Partnership with Block Ape Scissors


Title: Article Content.

1. Introducing the Block Ape Scissors and NFT Launchpad.

2. Introducing Lynx Club, the BAS Launchpad’s inaugural project.

3. Bringing a Global Brand to Life.

4. Recap.

1. Introducing Block Ape Scissors and NFT Launchpad.

Built on Binance Smart Chain, Block Ape Scissors incorporates gaming, NFTs, and Defi together into exciting, diverse, and rewarding opportunities. The project was hand-selected out of close to 400 projects to be part of the Binance Incubation Program — a program responsible for the success of top-tier projects such as Axie Infinity, Injective Protocol, and Polygon. On top of this, BAS is also partnered with Tech-Giant IBM as part of their Silver Business Partner Program. They are working closely with the company to bring forth Enterprise-level gaming back-end solutions for Crytpo. The project is without doubt one of the most innovative player-owned economies on the chain.

The Block Ape Scissor NFT Launchpad:

After months of development and planning, BAS is now bringing to life its very own NFT Launchpad. The mission of the launchpad is to bring forth NFT project with exceptional founders, established Web3 projects, and recognizable Web2 brands and give them the necessary tools, resources, and support to bring their vision to fruition.

2. Introducing Lynx Club, the inaugural project of the Block Ape Scissors Launchpad.

We at Lynx Club are beyond excited to announce ourselves as the Innagural Project of the Block Ape Scissors Launchpad. From Day 1, our vision has been to build a Global Collective of Artists, Entrepreneurs, Musicians, and Creators or as we like to say, a community of individuals who… “Do Kool Sh*t.”

For a refresher, holders of one of our Lynx Club NFTs gain access to The Taiga, a digital playground where creativity and collaboration collide. Access to The Taiga means access to highly beneficial events, tools, and services, comprising of exclusive workshops, private mastermind classes, a member-exclusive Job Board, Talent Spotlights, and more.

As we like to say, Lynx Club is a movement. A movement to “Find the Lynx within.” A Lynx is someone who never gives up, seeks opportunity, takes action, is curious, and has patience. A Lynx is your best self. No matter where you are in life, being a Lynx means you are always working towards becoming the next best version of yourself. It’s a journey that never ends.

We envision Lynx Club as being the most “Powerful” Creative Collective both the world and the Web3 space have ever seen.

3. Bringing a Global Brand to Life.

As part of the BAS Launchpad, we will be working synergistically to bring the Lynx Club Vision to life. BAS will be assisting Lynx Club in a variety of areas to give both our holders and BAS holders as much value and utility as possible.

This is truly the start of something extraordinary and is something that you will not want to miss out on. The Web3 space is still a blank canvas and is awaiting the next generation of builders to “paint” the years to come.

4. Recap

In summary, Lynx Club is partnering with Block Ape Scissors to be the first project of their highly-anticipated NFT Launchpad.

The partnership with help bring the Lynx Club movement to a Global Stage. Details on the launchpad will come forth in the coming weeks as both projects are eager to bring this vision to life.

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