Introducing the Lynx Club Mastermind

Lynx Club
4 min readSep 13, 2022

We at Lynx Club are reimagining and reinventing the traditional Mastermind Group and putting a Web3 spin on it.

In traditional Masterminds, you usually pay a fixed quarterly or annual fee to join.

These fees can be over $100,000 per year in certain groups.

But most range from $3000-$10,000 per year.

A fee that is never recovered.

You then get to join a group of like-minded individuals where you can network, collaborate and grow together.

Some bring in guest speakers, have workshops, and even in-person meetups.

It’s one of the most powerful tools to increase one’s success.

So what’s the issue?

The issue is that you and the other members of the group are growing the mastermind but not getting any benefit in doing so.

You don’t have ownership or rather equity.

You’re getting benefits from being in the group but not from contributing to building it.

The same is true for popular social media platforms where the content you post is owned by the platform you post it on.

You may get likes, and comments and grow your audience but you don’t own that audience.

The platforms are the ones that benefit from the work you do.

But what if there was a way to have ownership of a Mastermind Group and be rewarded for its success?

Well, now there is.

Introducing the Lynx Club Mastermind.

A community-owned mastermind group where the members have direct ownership of the group.

A place where you are rewarded for the contributions you make to improving it.

Let me explain…

To gain access to the group you have to own one of our Lynx Club NFTs.

This NFT is your token into the community.

Like a Costco Membership.

It’s also an asset.

You see, the more talent the community attracts and the more high-level collaboration that comes out of it…

The higher the demand goes.

Since Lynx Club NFTs have a fixed supply, there are only so many people that can join.

The only way to gain access is to buy an NFT on the secondary market from an existing member if you weren’t part of the initial mint.

Again, this is where the power of NFTs comes in.

Let’s say you join the group but don’t have the time to attend events or you are no longer interested.

In a traditional Mastermind, the money you invested is not recoverable.

But with NFTs, you can trade your access to someone else for a price you agree upon.

The Big Picture

We know that the future is Creative Collaboration.

Bringing together like-minded people to build the future of Web 3 and the world as we know it.

This is only done as a collective.

Our mission with Lynx Club is to build one of the most Powerful Creative Collaboratives not only in Web 3 but in the world.

A diverse collective of trendsetters, visionaries, and people who challenge the status quo.

Artists, Entrepreneurs, Musicians, and Creators of all kinds coming together to build the future.

Three words that describe it are — Connect, Collaborate, and Create.

You see, true collaboration is when you bring together people from all different backgrounds and skill sets.

Time to Build

We are looking forward to building the future of Collaboration and invite you to join the Movement.

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Let’s go.



Lynx Club

On a Mission To Build The Worlds Most Powerful Creative Collaborative Through Connecting and Empowering Those Who “Do Kool Sh*t.”